What Is Diggo and How to Use It

Hi everyone, today I want to introduce a tool. Its name is Diggo. Maybe some of you do not know about it. Do not worry about that. Now, I will tell you what is Diggo and how to use it.

  Diggo’s full name is “Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff”(Information). And it is a kind of bookmarks. Diggo can save the information about webpages which you make some bookmarks; you can even see what other people’s bookmarks in those webpages. You can create a group. In this group, you can talk some interesting topics with other people.

  And I will talk some tools in Diggo; First is Highlighting. When you looking an article, you find some good points or some important things in this article, you can use Highlighting. If you use it, that’s means the information will be saved. Anything you come back to this web page, the information will always be highlighted. Second is Taking notes. You can use Diggo to make notes, you just add a sticky note, add your own notes and move to anywhere in this page. If other people take a note, you will know who made it and the time. Third is Bookmarking & Saving. After you add highlighting and notes that you like, you can bookmark the page which you are on. Diigo allows the ability to add tags to help keeping everything organized and providing easy access and retrieval.

You can also choose to keep your bookmark private or let Diigo put your bookmark freely available to the public. Fourth is Searching. You can use it to search web pages, URLs, tags, highlights and so on.  This is easily accessible from the toolbar of your web browser. The fifth one is Sharing. Diigo will also let you share your bookmarks, complete with annotations, to friends and colleagues. You can send the information to individuals even if they don’t use Diigo. They will receive an email with a link to the web page and a summary of any notes or

the web page and a summary of any notes or highlights that were made. The sixth is Collaborating & Using Group. Diigo allows users to join or create groups for sharing information. You can join any if the public groups that share a personal interest, join a group of colleagues or friends, or even create a group for a specific research project. The last one is Using List. Diigo provides the ability to create lists of bookmarks where you can categorize and order bookmarks to your preference. This acts similarly to Internet Explorer Favorites as an option for those who are uncomfortable with tagging.

  This is Diigo. Hope you can try it.

  All the information about those tools is from http://digitalresearchtools.pbworks.com/f/Diigo+Description.pdf

We talk a lot about what diigo is. And now, I want to talk about how to use diigo.

  First step for students is let them have their own account. In this way, students can begin their study, and they can get more information. When teacher gives homework, some students will use internet to find some information. If he or she find some good points and hope to remember and notes it, Diigo is a good tool that can help him. He can use highlighting to mark those important points, use taking notes to write what he think at that moment, if it is a team work, he can use sharing to share with his classmates. After he finish reading, maybe he could forget some details in this article. But he use Diigo, he could find what he want when he was reading articles. He could know what his ideas when he try to take some notes. That’s really good for he to pick up his mind quickly. Students also can use it to do some research. They can use it to discuss something, or find important points quickly, just like what I said before. From a web page, I know that many students like to use Diigo. From what they said, many students choose Diigo because it has group talk, that’s means Diigo always used in group subject. And many students use it after they graduated from school. But I also find that Diigo also has short point. The first step is hard. Many people said that the first step is not easy, they always spent a lot of time try their best to accept Diigo. As far as I am concerned, Diigo is not very bad, and many people still choose to use it.

  From teachers, there has 13 reasons for teachers to use Diigo. I totally agree the reason 4 and the reason 13. Just like what reason 4 siad, students need to analyze what information is needed and what information is nor needed. By discussing with other students, they can know the knowledge in this web page clearly. And social media is really popular in today, many students has their cell phones and iPads, that’s makes teachers can have more easy way to teach their students and let them know more knowledge by using internet. I like this sentence, “It is a powerful research tool and a knowledge sharing community for teachers and students.” Yes, Diigo can really make it happened.

  All in all, I do not use Diigo before, but from some discussion web pages, many people like to use Diigo. I really want to try Diigo.  If you like my article and you want to try Diigo, I can help you, and here is the link: https://www.diigo.com/.

Here is a video that I made to help you to learn how to use Diigo!

Hope you can enjoy your Diigo!!!

Highlight the Web With Diigo by cogdogblog


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